2 - 2 hour lessons  $170.00 each

1st lesson . $180.00
going over test 
preparing for test
parallel parking
safe stoping ,  safe backing
uphill parking ,down hill parking
3 point turn (turn about)

2nd lesson  $180.00

doing a brush up preparing to take test
maneuver's  and then taking drivers test

we set the test up use our car and give you a 
certificate to help you get insurance discounts  
we set the test up use our car for the test

total $360.00


we use our car and take you for your test and give certificates to help with insurance discounts

3 lessons  2 hours each  $170.00 each

1st lesson   $170.00
city driving.                        rules of the road in the city
expressway driving .         rules of the road  on expressway
maneuver's .                      parallel parking , safe stopping  safe backing
                                            up hill parking, down hill parking
                                            3 point turn (turn about)
2nd lesson   $170.00 
going over testing preparing for the drivers test
going over the test course and getting you ready to take your drivers test

3rd lesson.  $170.00
doing a brush up going over maneuver's and taking the drivers test 
then we present you with a driving certificate  to help you out on insurance  

total pakage $510.00 

payments are made at the time of pickup at the beginning of lesson 
cash , check, or money order  . 
check cash or money order  we do not take credit card's

payments are made on the time of pickup aof lesson

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